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Avoid the Void®: Product Features & Markets of Indium10.1HF Solder Paste

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  • Phil Zarrow: Indium10.1HF Solder Paste, Hitesh, what's all the buzz?
    Hitesh Rao: Phil, Indium10.1HF is our newest solder paste. It is an air reflow, no-clean, halogen-free, lead-free solder paste that was specially formulated to achieve very low voiding for BTC, or Bottom Termination Component, assemblies. It also increases reliability by reducing voiding and increasing ECM and Head-in-Pillow performance. In addition, it also has excellent printing performance, extremely good wetting and coalescence in both air and nitrogen reflow environments. It is compatible with leading lead-free alloys such as SAC, tin-silver, and all other alloy systems that are popularly used in the electronics industry.
    Phil Zarrow: Now that's a pretty extensive and impressive list. What are your three favorite characteristics?
    Hitesh Rao: The first characteristic, I would say, would be definitely voiding resistance for BGAs; CSPs; Bottom Termination Components, like QFNs, DPAKs; and also MOSFETs and LEDs. 
    The second characteristic would be ECM or electrochemical migration resistance under low-standoff components, RF shields without proper ventilation, and components in low-clearance cavities. 
    The third characteristic that really stands out, would be that Indium10.1HF minimizes solder beading.
    Phil Zarrow: Indium10.1HF sounds like a great no-clean solder paste formulation for the industry in general. What specific markets do you really see it excelling in?
    Hitesh Rao: For Indium10.1HF, the markets where we see truly growing are automotive, LED, infrastructure, industrial, and also for white goods markets.
    Phil Zarrow: Where could we obtain more information?
    Hitesh Rao: As always, for product data sheets, you can go to our website You'll also learn how to Avoid the Void® there, and there are more blogs and videos that are available on the website. Apart from that, if you have any additional questions or comments, you're always free to contact me at
    Phil Zarrow: Hitesh, thank you very much.
    Hitesh Rao: Thank you very much, Phil.