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Unawareness of RoHS Still Widespread

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  • Folks,

    I am an avid reader of PC Magazine. The
    first thing I always read is John Dvorak's
    (go column. He has a very practical, gutsy and real view of the PC and personal electronics world. He's not afraid to criticize Microsoft or Intel or any other big player when he thinks they are wrong. However, he also compliments them when he thinks they are right. So bottom line: He's my hero (yes, I am also
    jealous that he is better looking than I am, but I'll bet I can do more pushups..30-35 at this point). John also has a blog.

    In the December 6, 2005 issue, John wrote a complimentary
    article about Microsoft's new gaming machine, the Xbox 360.
    This article caused me to be curious; is the Xbox 360
    RoHS compliant? Would John know?

    So, I sent him an email asking about it. He confessed
    that he was not aware of RoHS, but plans to become a

    To me, this shows the level of failure that exists by
    us "industry leaders" in communicating this unprecedented
    disruptive event. My hope is that John may be able to
    help get the message out.

    As I look at the cover of that issue of PC Magazine, I
    count 7 electronic devices and I count hundreds on the pages within the
    magazine. My guess is that only a few percent are RoHS compliant.
    In 7 short months, none of these non-compliant components can be sold in Europe or China. It's a scary thought.


    Dr. Ron