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National Women in Engineering Day: A College Intern's Perspective

  • 2016 College Interns
  • Hello Everyone,

    Week three of my Indium Corporation college internship has been quite eventful. So far I have measured the viscosities of multiple solder paste samples, hand-mixed solder paste samples, and learned how to shear flux. I was not able to help manufacture the flux since that is confidential information but I was able to shear it once it was already made.

    I also attended a seminar, put on by our very own Research Technologist, David Socha. The topic was the projected of development of technology between 2016-2020. Honestly, I believe it was the best seminar I've ever been to. I also really enjoyed the fact that the entire R&D team came to support David during the presentation. It was at that precise moment that I felt like the R&D department is a big family. They always come together to support each other. 

    Another reason this week is so exciting is that this Thursday, June 23rd, is National Women in Engineering Day (NWED). It is important to recognize this day in order to gain awareness toward the generally male-dominated field. Many women may believe that they cannot become engineers or will not be good enough, but that is not true. Women are able to do anything that they set their mind to. They just have to be strong enough to pursue it and confident enough to embrace that decision.

    When I began writing this post I realized that there was only one other women engineer on my floor besides myself. I asked around the department to see if anyone else could think of any women engineers in the building and only three names came up; two of which were at another facility. This is how I came to know Marlene Natale. Marlene earned a mechanical engineering degree from Clarkson University but she faced a lot of difficulties upon entering the workforce. She now mentors young women that have an interest in engineering so that they may never have to deal with the troubles she faced.

    Until Next Time,