SMTAI 2014

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September 30 - October 1, 2014
Rosemont, IL

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  • Lowest levels of voiding for QFNs, BGAs, and CSPs
  • Oxidation inhibition promotes complete coalescence after long reflow profiles
  • Excellent HIP, graping performance

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RMA-155 Paste/Flux

  • RMA flux formulated for SnAgCu and SnAg solders (also compatible with SnPb solder)
  • Provides excellent wetting in air or nitrogen atmospheres
  • Flux and flux residue are halogen-free.

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  • Mn-Doped SAC Solder
  • High Reliability
  • Low Cost
  • Superior Drop Testing
  • Excellent Thermal Cycling
  • Comparable reliability to SAC305 and SnPb eutectic
  • Elimination of costly or time-consuming processes, such as wave soldering or selective soldering

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PCB Assembly

Solder Fortification®

  • Elimination of costly or time-consuming processes, such as wave soldering or selective soldering
  • Stronger solder joints which help improve drop test results
  • Reduced rework and other manual processes to add solder volume
  • Improved shape and volume of fillet to ensure joints meet IPC specifications

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Conference Presenters

Dr. Ning-Cheng Lee

Dr. Ning-Cheng Lee:

  • Presentation: Low Porosity Pressureless Sintering of Novel Nano-Ag Paste for Die-Attach
  • Presentation: Reliability of PCB Solder Joints Assembled with SACm® Solder Paste
  • Professional Development Course: Properties and Applications of Low Temperature Solders
Ronald Lasky

Ronald C. Lasky, PhD, PE:

  • Presentation: Risk and Mitigation for Tin Pest and tin whiskers
  • Presentation: A New Approach to Compare Weibull Curves
RunSheng Mao

Dr. RunSheng Mao:

  • Presentation: Complicated Board Programming for Automated Printed Solder Paste Inspection Without CAD Data File
Tim Jensen

Tim Jensen:

  • Session Co-Chair: Lead-Free Alloys End Use-Application Reliability (MFX7)
  • Presentation: Advancement of Preform Technology to Reduce QFN Voiding
glen thomas

Glen Thomas:

  • Session Chair: PCB Component/Connector Rework - From Small to Large (SMT3)
Eric Bastow

Eric Bastow:

  • Session Chair: Fluxes, Standards, and Contaminants Face Off With Reliability (AAT7)