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Advanced Packaging Week (Day 4)

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  • The third feature article from the final publication of Advanced Packaging is “Solder-free Connectors Using Buckled Pillars” by Peter Salmon of Salmon Technology.  I don’t think any solder supplier is fearful of the proposed “solder-free” interconnect method.  Every so often we hear about various types of solder-free methods that work very well for niche applications.  Generally, the way we hear about each application is by someone telling us they read an article about the “end of soldering” – about a week after we finish reading the same article.  (I have about 1 day before this phenomenon is scheduled to occur for said article.) 






    As a techie, I really want to see an actual x-section of this application – instead of a diagram  (although the online video is pretty good).  I’m sure we will be seeing more in the future.  If anyone out there has updated images, please send them in!