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American Business Media’s 2007 Forrester Research study

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  • According to an email I received today from American Business Media (full disclosure: I am on their advisory council):

    New Forrester Research Identifies Five Key Reasons Marketers Should Utilize Industry-Specific Business Media

    American Business Media's 2007 Forrester Research study is one of the most comprehensive in the business media space. It provides a critical analysis of the trends and impact of business-to-business media on both end-users/decision-makers and marketers in light of digital media growth and business media's potential for supporting the b-to-b sales process. Its executive summary presented the following key findings:

    • Business decision-makers (BDMs) are shifting to digital media use at a faster rate than b-to-b marketers are adopting these media.

    • Industry-specific media are more effective at reaching BDMs than general business media.

    • While each of the key industry-specific media demonstrates unique strengths, they are most effective when used together in an integrated manner.

    • Industry-specific media extend the reach and effectiveness of the b-to-b marketer's sales organization.

    • B-to-b marketers plan to underutilize industry-specific media in their future spending, compared to BDMs' expected use of these media.

    The importance and value of the new Forrester study is confirmed by the fact that there have been more than 10,000 visits in the first month since its release.

    ABM is giving you online access to the Forrester study, so don't delay … act now and access this important industry research. Just visit to access the study presentation, or contact Richard Bertin at for more information.