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ATExpo Guest Moblog

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  • Indium's Marcom Supervisor, Anita Brown, is responsible for leading the team that planned, created, and implemented our exhibit at this week's ATExpo trade show in Rosemont, Illinois (near Chicago). She coordinated the goals of our regional sales team with those of our business unit leadership team and put together the Indium Corporation exhibit.

    I asked her to guest blog, live from the show floor, on this 2nd of 3 days of ATExpo. Here is what she has to say:

    Rick has asked me to moblog from the floor of ATExpo - where I am working all this week. One of my most important clients, Indium's North American Sales Manager, feels that this show has already been quite valuable. I'm glad to hear that. I agree, and from my perspective, the traffic at our exhibit is fairly steady, repeating the typical pattern of Day 2 delivering more customers than Day 1.

    Here are my main observations of ATExpo as Day 2 draws to a close:

    The Buzz:
    The floor seems to have about the same general traffic as last year - but the urgent Pb-Free buzz is diminished. Last year's general worries have become this year's set of very specific, detailed questions. It seems that the market has done it's homework.

    Exhibit Graphics:
    Being a Marcom professional I always look for captivating exhibit graphics and any new & different techniques for garnering the customers' attention. This year nothing surprised or wowed me.

    PennWell Presentation:
    I was fortunate to participate in a seminar staged by PennWell . This media company, well-known for their print publications such as SMT Magazine , Advanced Packaging , and Connector Specifier (in our industry), continues to move further into digital media. They presented results of some customer behavior research - and are using this information to develop new digital media options for the industry. This is going to add some excitement for the readers. I feel it has the opportunity to make things a bit like the super bowl, with viewers enjoying the ads as much as the articles. We'll see.

    Thanks for the opportunity to guest blog.