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Au/Sn Perfected


Fact: To achieve a strong, reliable solder joint, it is important to remove all oxides from the substrate as well as the solder.  Generally this is done using a compatible flux.






Reality: Sometimes flux cannot be used, so it is important that the starting materials be as oxide-free as possible.  Au/Sn is a popular solder in flux-less applications. The preform is a popular form for Au/Sn because it delivers a consistent, controlled amount of solder every time.  However, unless properly controlled, the manufacturing process can introduce oxides that become imbedded in the material and cannot be easily cleaned.






Solution: Indium Corporation has perfected its process used to manufacture Au/Sn preforms.  This is no small task.  Our experienced Metallurgists and Process Engineers have taken a good thing and made it even better.  If you're looking for proof, talk with one of our Application Engineers about evaluating Indium Corp. Au/Sn preforms in your process!