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B2B Marcom: CHINA

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  • While at NEPCON South China in Shenzhen, PRC I was interviewed by Steve Gold of REAL TIME WITH... This organization is inventing modern media in the B2B environment and it is a true pleasure to work with them. They are the organization who helped create, produce, and deliver Indium Corporation's award-winning online video ads.

    At the show Steve wanted to discuss the nuances of B2B Marcom in China. It was great to chat about this important topic – a topic that, admittedly, I will never be an expert on. One of the most interesting things we discussed was the thought process behind selecting the proper media in China.

    Indium hits the general Chinese market with global and regional media such as major international trade magazines and websites. We also rely on province-specific publications within China. One of my best guides is to solicit data from my China sales and tech teammates as to what publications their existing customers/prospects rely on. That's a good part of the story, but it isn't everything. I also need to know which media can help Indium break into NEW markets and customers.

    There are constant changes in this arena. And, sadly, there are hucksters who promise to sell effective ad space, but who are only interested in taking the money and running. It's a challenging environment, one which requires Marcom savvy as well as a rich understanding of Chinese culture. I'm trying my best to learn more in each area every day.

    Check out the Rick Short interview regarding B2B Marcom in China, then let me know what you think.