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  • Everyone in my company "com"s, and is a representative, in some way, of our Marketing efforts (Mar). So, everyone practices Marcom in some way. Which way? Email!

    So, my Marcom team makes the occasional internal reminder to EVERYONE that we need to be professional, careful, etc.

    A great support piece can be found on the MarketingProfs website. An article titled, Email Etiquette – Use It Or Lose Business by Kathryn Towner serves as a well-written, comprehensive reminder of how we all represent our company, and how we all can do a top-notch job with our emails.

    Her article covers these topics: *electronic business identity *effective content *proper style/tone *grammar/sentence structure

    I always have flashbacks to my 8th-grade English teacher – with her telling the class how important good grammar and sentence structure will be to our careers. We thought she was crazy. Mrs. Hawkins – you were right!

    Consider the fact that every single person in your organization is a B2B Marcom practitioner, and a representative of your team. Keep them up to par with their email practices.