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  • As B2B Marcom professionals we are occasionally asked to present ourselves in writing, but more often we are asked to help our colleagues do the same. You may have a manager speaking to a professional organization, a technologist delivering findings to a society, or an executive speaking to an important audience. Most of the time the speaker is asked to share a brief bio as part of the event's promotional package. ALL of the time this bio is a critical piece of the activity set. Frequently the bio sets peoples' expectations, and is typically among the chief decision factors as to whether a person will or wil not attend your event.

    William Aruda, noted personal brand strategist, offers up some interesting ideas for making the best of these opportunities on his website.

    I particularly enjoyed his tip regarding the posting of a person's personal brand attributes (used in their bio)in a place where that person can see them all the time. Self-fulfilling prophecy! Very cool.

    I enjoy learning from William, and this particular topic is something that I know will be helpful to me and my B2BMarcom team. Hope it helps you, too.

    Image: William Aruda website screen grab