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Challenge and Reward

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  • Lately, I've been paying attention to coworkers who are challenging themselves, doing great work, and moving upward in the company. This is nothing particularly new, but always noteworthy.

    In one case, we have a group of individuals coming together to build a new product line. This has the potential to be one of those “game changing moments” in our company’s history; a time that they can look back on, years later, when the product line has matured and they turn to the next frontier.

    In another case, an individual working in our operations department took the initiative and now has a new job. He told me he had always wanted a desk job, working with his mind and solving problems. He got there by using his mind and solving problems with his previous job, by going above and beyond, and by having a great attitude.

    Also, we have new team leaders stepping up and taking responsibility. These team leaders may well become production supervisors in the future.

    Probably my favorite case is that of an operator who showed his dedication and ability to learn new technology. He has since learned a programing language and now helps optimize production equipment. He is involved with some of the most important products at his facility.

    Within these walls there are people using new high-tech equipment, sharing ideas that help the company improve, and moving into leadership roles. I'm lucky to work with these great men and women at The Indium Corporation!


    Authored by previous Indium Application Manager Jim Hisert