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  • Chip Scale Review magazine has just published an editorial on B2B industry blogging. To my knowledge, it is the first such mass media treatment in our industry (I'd appreciate being corrected).

    CSR Editor, Ron Iscoff is a venerable industry sage. He has seen a lot through his insightful and critical eyes. Therefore, it was an honor to be included in his discussion of blogging as a method of communicating (two-way) within an industry.

    Blogging: From the supply side, it is my goal to generate dialogue on various issues, and to allow the consumer side the opportunity to weigh in on any and all topics. While I blog and vlog (check it all out below)on Marcom issues, most Indium Corporation customers would likely be much more interested in the tecchie content of Indium Corporation's Dr. Ronald Lasky's blog. He is a world-renown technology expert and is likely to offer much more useful information and discussion than I. Do check him out.

    I will be the first to point out that blogging is new, and that the way it is used is constantly evolving. So - by no means do I represent myself as an expert. I'm just one person who is putting the pieces together, trying to strengthen the industry, my company, our customers, and myself. Who knows what all this will become in 24 months? We'll see. This is a fun journey.