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Dr. Ron's Posting on World's Strongest Archer Generates Much Debate

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  • Folks,

    Quite a while ago I posted an entry on who the world record holder is for pulling the strongest bow back. This posting has generated many comments which are interesting to follow. As my colleague Rick Short said, "the posting ignited a community."

    Give me some time and I am going to try and sort through the topic. But as of today, Mark Stretton still hold s the record.

    The photo above is from contributor Steve Stratton (name slightly different form Mark, so no relation) pulling back a 105 pound yew self bow.

    BTW, I still claim to be (unofficially) the World's Strongest Senior Archer (over 60 years old) pulling 120 pounds at 31 inches. Any senior out there that can top this? I am 5 feet 10 inches 180 pounds.

    Dr. Ron