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East Coast Photovoltaic Technology Course

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  • Living in NY (or anywhere on the East Coast of the United States) and working with the solar industry usually means traveling to California. We don’t have as much sun, and we certainly don’t have as many solar customers, conferences, or venues to learn about solar technology.  Luckily, the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering, SUNY at Albany (NY) is hosting a 2 day photovoltaic technology course April 20th and 21st. Ernest Levine is teaching this course, you may know him from his IC Fab training that he provides a few times a year. I haven’t been to his solar training yet, but I know that he covers IC fab in a way that everyone can understand – plus he has the background to answer those tough questions that veterans throw at him. (You know, that one guy in the back that is just dying to stump the professor…)

    According to Ernest: “This PhotoVoltaic Technology course covers this subject starting at the atomic level and building up to an atomic understanding of the inner workings of a photovoltaic cell.  Using a comprehensive in part animated slide presentation we will see how the charged particles move as well as cover details of the governing equation and how it came about and important controlling factors in efficiency and manufacturing of both thin films and crystalline Si. This includes amorphous Si, CdTe and CIGS as well as GaAs and concentrated and tandem cells. All you need to bring to class is a desire to learn and I will teach you.”

    For more detailed information send him an email at  or call him at (518) 437-8623.