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  • I am attending Exhibitor2008 in hopes of gathering up the newest and most effective techniques and tips for Indium's upcoming tradeshow season.

    This show, held in Las Vegas, is a combination of a tradeshow (all things exhibit-related), classroom sessions, and networking.

    I had a few opportunities to meet with existing vendors (renewing relationships, driving projects faster), to learn some very valuable things (my favorite class, so far, was the Marcom internship session), and to meet some cool people (a ton of experience and talent here).

    Anita has been here before, but this is my first time. The show is "big" in that it encompasses such a broad swath of exhibiting info, yet small enough that it feels like you can see it all in a few days, do it all in a week, and truly walk away with a sense of accomplishment.

    I am truly a better B2B Marcom professional because of this experience.

    The show ends tomorrow, and I fly from Vegas to Upstate New York then. I will be glad to get home and back to the office, but I'll miss the warm, sunny weather.