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Frampton REMAINS Alive!

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  • Nothing to do with B2B Marcom. Everything to do with feeling great! My generation was totally captivated by "Peter Frampton":, especially during 1976-1977 (my high school senior year). This guy inspired thousands of us to pick up a guitar and play. During his reign as a rock & roll idol I met my wife. His music now evokes so many great memories from those days for us - things like my old '68 and '67 Camaros, my wife's '76 Firebird, miniature golf & movie dates, chasing our favorite local rock bands, and many, many more. So, it was with overwhelming appreciation that I (we) received two tickets to a local Frampton show from our sons as a Father's Day gift. My wife and I were amazed to arrive (last night) and find that our seats were front and center - just a few feet away from the legend himself. Thanks guys! I am so glad to say that Peter Frampton is as good as he ever was. So exciting and full of energy. And, he remains a great showman. His latest album earned a 2007 Grammy award if you need further evidence of his continuing musical expertise. I was surprised to learn that photography was allowed (no flash). Being a marcom guy, I had my camera at the ready. Sorry my shots are a bit blurry. PS: As an added bonus, a talented young drummer from a tiny village in our vicinity has been drumming with Peter for a while. Can you imagine this scenario?: * you live in the "smallest of rural towns - out in the middle of nowhere": * amazingly, "the Oneida nation builds a huge resort and casino in your tiny town": * you work like a dog to get your big break * you break into the big time, drumming for Trisha Yearwood * you get the call to drum for Peter Frampton * you get to play with a legend in your home town, in the awesome resort Cool! Congratulations to "Shawn Fichter":! That's him in the bottom of the second image. Rock on, Shawn. OK - flashback time: