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Head-in-pillow Defects Attract non-SMT Attention

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  • What would bring a person from outside the SMT world to a website like  Why would a marketing guru have interest in head-in-pillow defects?

    Just ask Michael Fitzgerald of BtoB Magazine.

    So, besides leaking to the general public about search engine optimization (SEO) and using Google to our advantage, it shows that the trials and tribulations that we fight in our world everyday effects the general public.  We know that the head-in-pillow defect on that last board we built will go into someones MP3 player.  And, as soon as that someone, we'll call him Bob, goes for a jog in the middle of the winter, or sits under the sun at the beach, that head-in-pillow defect will comeback to haunt him, and Bob's MP3 player will die.

    So, we thank Michael for awakening the general public on head-in-pillow defects, and even though bob doesn't care that we're fighting defects everyday, he knows exactly how he feels when his MP3 player dies.

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