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How Indium's Preform Washers Improve Connector Solder Joint Reliability

  • Solder Joints

  • Over the summer I focused on how Indium Corporation’s Solder Fortification products can:

    • increase solder volume without adding flux volatiles
    • improve the fillet shape and volume of the solder joint
    • improve solder joint strength
    •  Avoid the Void®

    …for a number of applications:

    When it comes to cable and connector applications, Solder Fortification preforms are placed into solder paste where the components are to be connected; this will perform all of the attributes listed above. Another viable pick & place option within cable and connector applications is the preform washer (with or without flux coating). In a similar fashion to Solder Fortification, solder preform washers deliver a defined amount of solder and flux to the solder joint while also eliminating the need for post-reflow solder joint rework. However, instead of being placed into the solder paste, the preform washer is placed onto the connector pin either via manual placement or automated assembly equipment. Indium Corporation also offers InTEGRATED® Solder Preforms, which are (usually) preform washers connected in a customer-defined array to improve manual placement speed and efficiency, as well as pin-to-pin solder volume consistency. Once the solder is placed, it is reflowed in conjunction with the solder paste.

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