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"I don't get paid to be average!"

  • B2B Marcom

  • I don't get paid to be average in B2B Marcom.

    This is something I have been saying for quite a while - and I mean it.

    Face it, who wants to end a career and sum things up by saying, "Yup, all these years and I blended right in, never made too many waves."  This is especially true in the B2B Marcom arena. Don't we all want our websites to be more effective than the competition's? ... our product data sheets to be more valuable than the competition's? ... our exhibits to be more attractive and compelling than our competition's? etc.

    Why am I thinking about this now? Because it is my time to begin developing goals, strategies, and tactics for 2009 and beyond.

    I guess I'm just reminding myself that, whenever I feel that comfortable sense that I've done it this way before and that this is the way we've always been, I had better repeat: I don't get paid to be average!


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