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Impressions of SNEC 2010

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  • The SNEC 4th International Photovoltaic Power Generation Conference & Exhibit in Shanghai is known as one of the BIG solar shows of the year. Indium Corporation’s Bill Jackson (Director of Solar Products) commented that the 2010 SNEC was: "A busy, well attended show exuding with confidence about the beginning of a worldwide economic recovery and good solar-related growth for the foreseeable future".  That’s good to hear! Luckily, we had a strong team there to handle technical inquiries. Attendees from Indium Corporation included:

    • Bill Jackson
    • Thomas Tong
    • William Aw
    • Tommy Fan
    • Michael Qiu
    • David Hu

    Even Indium Corporation President Greg Evans stopped by to visit the booth, to network, and to take the pulse of the industry.

    This year, the SNEC was especially important for us. We had a chance to show off some of our new technology and sputtering target capability. The visitor interest seemed to mirror this thought with “…high interest in rotary CIG (Copper Indium Gallium) and Cu-Ga targets, also high interest in target bonding with NanoFoil®".


    I also wanted to take a second to thank the people behind the scenes that help to make shows like this possible. Special thanks to Bill Wilson for helping to make sure our display targets looked their best, Gene Loparco and his team for dealing with the logistics of transporting our materials to/from the show, and Anita Brown for helping out with the details of coordinating the show.  These Indium Corporation employees help us all shine at solar trade shows!


    Authored by previous Indium Application Manager Jim Hisert