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Innovations For the Factory Floor: Indium Trichloride Type H

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    Robert Ploessl, Manager of Marketing and Technology Assessment and Product Manager, Compounds, and Phil Zarrow examine how limited space on the factory floor can lead to material delivery improvements.

    Phil Zarrow: Robert, Indium Corporation's EZ-Pour® was quite an innovation. What else have you guys been up to?

    Robert Ploessl: Well, let's say chlorides. There is indium chloride or indium trichloride, that we call it type H. And the situation for this on the factory floor is very similar wto EZ-Pour®. Which means it's being used inside a glove box Where you have very limited room for maneuvering and setting up the batch process. Customers told us, not only do they want the material to be pourable, that's the first condition, but now instead of bringing in two bottles into this glove box, they want the whole material in one. Same chemical, but in terms of physical properties, they wanted twice the density.

    Phil Zarrow: That sounds pretty challenging.

    Robert Ploessl: It is. We had to completely redo the manufacturing process for it. We came up with this formulation that we call indium trichloride type H. It has the high density and it fits in one bottle. The operator does not have to go through the sequence of bringing two bottles into the glove box; they have to pour only once, it dramatically simplifies the process, and it's something that we like doing, which is addressing a specific issue on the factory floor.

    Phil Zarrow: Well on behalf of the industry, we're very grateful to Indium Corporation.

    Robert Ploessl: I'm glad you are.

    Phil Zarrow: Keep those innovations coming.

    Robert Ploessl: Yes, they are. Problems keep on coming.

    Phil Zarrow: Good. Robert, where can we find out more information?

    Robert Ploessl: Our website is a good place to find out more. My contact information, email address, and phone numbers are there. And there's a wealth of information on indium trichloride.

    Phil Zarrow: Robert, thank you very much.

    Robert Ploessl: You're welcome.

    Phil Zarrow: It's a pleasure.