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Intersolar 2009 – What Barrier to CIGS Technology?

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  • This year at InterSolar I learned how misleading old (mis)information can be.  In a business as rapidly developing as the solar industry, you just can't cling to information from 2 or 3 years ago. 






    Of course there was a good deal of discussion about which thin film technology would prevail in the future.  The argument against CIGS is usually based on the faults of CIG deposition, but this is an argument that is no longer valid.  High quality CIG targets are currently available and are being used by some of the top solar fabs.






    It's good to know where we came from, but the solar industry is evolving way too fast for old information to be used in decision making.  As a way to help, let me know if you see any out-dated information if you are looking through old Solar Materials blog posts.  I will make sure those posts have the correct information showing the current status of the industry.