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Invite Your B2B Marcom Team into Social Media

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  • This guide covers the basics in a very inviting manner.

    This guide covers the basics in a very inviting manner.

    I'll skip all the reasons WHY your organization should be getting into social media. You already know.

    The question is, "HOW do we get our team to follow?"

    The answer includes awareness, comfort, confidence, permission, understanding, and more.

    A new guide from Protean Marketing goes a long way toward helping you reach that answer with your newbies, timids, and unknowing. Titled, "A Practical Guide To Social Media For Brands", this piece is spot on for anyone who needs to develop the warm &  fuzzies for social media.  The depth is non-threatening, and it only covers the basics. The design strategy and execution is excellent as the guide even feels soothing, warm, and inviting. The range of information is focused perfectly, IMHO, so you, as a manager don't have to worry about your team getting too far apart as you all begin the journey. As I thumb through the guide (after reading it thoroughly twice), I am thinking of one very special term: simple elegance.  Even the silverback in the corner office will get it after reading this.

    If you've already started a journey into B2B social media, this guide confirms many basic elements - and will give your team confidence that you (as their leader) are on the right track (if you ARE).

    I highly recommend you download this guide.