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Jennie S. Hwang

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  • 上周和同事Tom聊到这个行业的一些技术泰斗。除了我们Indium公司的Dr. Ning-Cheng Lee李宁成博士之外,Tom告诉我还有一位鼎鼎有名的中国女性Jennie S. Hwang。女性能够在这种技术行业中取得一席之位,以算难得;而且Jennie还是一位成功的:

    •  母亲
    • 创业家,企业家
    • 管理者
    • 国际商人
    • 国际技术交流,演讲家


    "Going forward, slowing down is not a choice. I couldn't wait to go on my 4th decade and perhaps 5th decade career. Professionally I see myself in two primary roles. I will continue to be dedicated to our industry in its technology and manufacturing advancement by providing business, technology and manufacturing solutions, as well as disseminate new knowledge to the workforce. In a broader role, I relish my service on the government committees to advise the Congress on relevant issues, as well as, my service on corporate boards to provide vision and strategy to grow international business in this feverishly competitive global marketplace..." (refer from

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