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Jim Hisert Reviews PV Magazine (Rotary Targets and Magnetron Sputtering)

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    “Hi, this is Jim Hisert. I just read an interesting article and I wanted to share it with you. In the 2010, October edition of PV magazine, the cover story on page 70 was pretty interesting, so here it is…


    It’s called Rotatable Rotatables, and it discusses rotatable targets. The really nice thing about the article is: it goes through the physics of sputtering and gives you the background of what magnetron sputtering is all about. Then it talks about different kinds of targets. It talks about the difference between rotatable targets and planar targets, the different compositions of targets. And then it also goes into talking about the supply of indium and gallium, different target materials, as well as the difference between thermal vapor deposition and sputtering – the advantages and the disadvantages. It even wraps up with refining and recycling of the material and talks about the process overall.


    So I advise that you check this out. It’s in the latest (October) edition of PV magazine. Thank you.”  ~Jim

    Keywords: Solar, sputtering targets, copper indium gallium, CIG, indium, thin film technology