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Meet My Fellow Indium Bloggers at Semicon West


Indium Corporation's industry leading semiconductor bloggers are hosting a
Meet the Bloggers session on Tuesday, July 15, 2008 at Indium Corporation's
Semicon West  exhibit, booth #7834,
from 2-3pm PST.

The technology experts will lead discussions on topics including:

*  Flux deposit measurement using non-contact metrology
*  Two upcoming white papers (currently under development):
*  Wafer Flux Spin-Coating Topography
*  Wafer-Level Flux Printing 

Recent hot semiconductor blog topics, including:

*    Semiconductor assembly materials
*    Future trends in first- and second-level assembly
*    Halogen-free semiconductor assembly materials
*    Engineered solders in MEMS assembly
*    Thermal interface issues
*    Solar device assembly

Indium personnel who will be discussing these topics include Jim Hisert, Paul Socha , Fez Sayed, Dr.
Andy Mackie, and Rick Short.

All attendees are welcome to participate in, or observe, the session. Snacks
will be served, too!

Indium's blogs can be seen at

Stop by and see them if you are at the show!

Dr. Ron