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Publish or Perish (PS: You already did)

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  • In today's B2B Marcom, you must be a publisher, or you will suffer. Social media (blogs, twitter, facebook, YouTube, websites, etc. all enable this).

    Social media superstar, Dana VanDen Heuvel shared a link to this article with me. As usual, when Dana speaks, I listen. Once again, Dana has shared a real gem.

    The article, titled, "Why marketers Must Become The New Publishers" from Chris Koch, author of Chris Koch's B2B Blog, goes beyond the "why" and even helps with the "how".

    The article emphasizes honing content relevance and refocusing customer targeting - things that today's technology and social media tools allow us all to do quite effectively (think long-tail).

    Face it, you ought to be totally psyched about whatever it is you purvey. Regardless if it is consummed by millions or a choice few.  Additionally, your customers want info and action on THEIR timetable - therefore, you need your content online BEFORE the customer needs it. The obvious conclusion is that you should publish now!

    On the very same day I received Dana's alert, I also received an "Advertisers' Alert" from a trade publication.  It struck me so funny to be called an "advertiser". I haven't thought of myself, or my company, as an "advertiser" in well over a year. Upon reading the "alert", I felt like I was on an archeological dig. As I carefully explored the artifacts I noted antiquated references to things like "advertising close" date, "materials close" date, and a "feature articles" section.

    Does anyone really live in accordance to the editorial calendars, timetables, and deadlines of other people's publications anymore? Ask yourself this question the next time you're using Google:"Can I wait for my answer until the next issue of my favorite trade publication arrives? And when it does, I know it will be telling me what THEY want to discuss with little regard for my current, specific need."

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