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Quality, Service, Reliability in the Copper-Indium-Gallium (CIG) Rotary Sputtering Target Market

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  • Our CIG (copper – indium – gallium) sputtering target customers demand many things from us as a vendor. Of course they do! The difference between merely operating and excelling can produce results for a fraction of the basic cost and yield multiples of the basic annual production. That’s the difference between “hanging on” and making an excellent profit. And, we’re here to help our customers make an excellent profit.


    One critical issue that many customers appreciate about the Indium Corporation is our “cradle to grave” ownership regarding the metal “indium.”  They see the tremendous value in our ability to actively manage and control indium sourcing and supply as it ensures a steady stream of material to our customers, even as market supply fluctuates.

    Materials supply, and even prices, fluctuate due to several factors, including supply, demand, processing capacities, and more. Indium supply and availability has remained dependable since its commercialization nearly 100 years ago. Indium Corporation’s vertical integration assures our customers that we are in intimate contact with the entire sourcing process, from mining, to refining, to final fabrication.


    To satisfy our CIG customers, The Indium Corporation sources material of varying grades and purities from multiple locations. This ensures a stable and steady stream of indium metal.


    Indium Corporation’s extensive knowledge of refining low-grade indium into high-grade indium has been cultivated since our founding in 1934. This enables Indium Corporation to leverage multiple sources, across the globe, while keeping the finished goods quality high and stable.


    As the quality from various sources of indium fluctuates in levels of specific elemental impurities, our proprietary refining process converts the feedstock into a consistent, homogeneous, high-purity material that meets the strict specifications and elemental limits required by CIG thin-film technology leaders.  CIG customers from around the world depend on Indium Corporation’s consistency because they have experienced the value in their thin film solar modules through higher and repeatable cell efficiencies.


    So, feel comfortable specifying and designing Indium Corporation high-quality CIG rotary sputtering targets into your process. They come from a highly-reliable vendor that has a proven dependable supply – and who is committed to your brand and profit.

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