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Quantum Dots and Indium

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  • Great name, but what are they and what do they do?  

    Quantum Dots were discovered in the early 1980s. They are tiny particles, or nanocrystals, of semiconductor material with diameters ranging from 2-10 nanometers. (approx. 10-50 atoms) They display unique properties, partly as a result of their size, with an unusually high surface-to-volume ratio. The most apparent property is fluorescence wherein they can produce different colours depending on their size.

    An excellent application for them is in the display industry. Quantum Dots ensure higher peak brightness and more vivid colour depth. This is particularly valuable for consumer TV’s - think Samsung SUHD.

    The technology needed to make Quantum Dots is necessarily complicated, but the new developments involve the use of indium, which offers a more eco-friendly basis of construction. If you want to discuss this, contact me:

    More on my next post!