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"ROHS: It ain’t over" Article Overstates the Situation

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  • Folks,

    A recent article on RoHS overstates the reality I think. The title is enough to make one groan…"I've gotta go through that again?" Whereas, in reality the piece only talks about the exemptions that will eventually expire or will be reviewed for their merit.

    I for one, think the EU has been reasonable in their not pushing for an end to category 8 and 9 exemptions. They have listened to the arguments to provide more time and they did.

    The discussion, in the article, on fixed installation exemptions is especially interesting. I for one, felt many companies were interpreting this part of RoHS too liberally and not in the spirit of the law. Is it surprising then that the EU tighten up this definition?

    The bottom line is that all laws like RoHS are living documents, in the laws themselves they tell us that exemptions will end eventually in many cases.

    None of this is unreasonable or surprising, but clearly we need to be aware of these possible changes.

    Cheers and Happy Holidays,

    Dr. Ron