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  • This year started with a small target: to bring you information about soldering materials and processes used in advanced semiconductor packaging.  150 posts later the main purpose has remained the same, although other goals have evolved as I’ve learned more about you (the audience) through feedback.  You want this to be interesting – even weird at times, and you want to use the blog to access other reference materials.  As much as the blog should be technical, it should be fun too.  I look forward to keeping up the pace in the future, and bringing you the lighter side of semiconductor assembly material testing.






    If you’re new to the blog you’ll notice a few things:



    1) Things that do not appear to have any connection with semiconductor packaging



    2) Interviews with people in the semiconductor packaging industry



    3) Tutorials



    4) Industry events



    5) Test methods and process guidelines



    6) Flux and solder info






    As always, let me know if you have ideas to improve the blog, or if you’d like to be part of the blog.  Click here to participate/submit ideas.