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Should I Blog For My Business?

  • B2B Marcom

  • I hear this question from friends and colleagues in B2B Marcom (business to business marketing communications). It's a good one.

    When asked, I often refer to the 4Ps of Blogging as one guide to the decision. Starting now, I am also referring people to The Content Factor's paper, To Blog Or Not To Blog.

    According to The Content Factor website , "The Content Factor has developed To Blog or Not to Blog, a white paper that provides the basics - and more - on corporate blogging." On the same webpage, Doc Searls is quoted as having said, "To Blog or Not to Blog provides a well-written and well-sourced guidance for companies that haven't yet come to grips with blogging - but need to." That's good enough for me.

    Another interesting perspective appears just below this post in my Stowe Boyd interview.