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Solar Assembly Materials: The Old And The New

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  • "I'd put my money on the sun and solar energy.  What a source of power!  I hope we don't have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that."

    Whether you agree or not, it certainly isn't a surprising statementEdison Summer Home  in this day and age.  Until you know it was said in 1931 by Thomas Edison to Harvey Firestone and Henry Ford.

    Edison was quite a visionary.  The 1,093 patents issued to Edison is a record for one person, and, at the height of his work with electricity, he had 106 successful patents.

    I saw this quote in the museum on the grounds of Edison's and Ford's winter homes in Fort Meyers, Florida.  Can you imagine that these two guys spent a couple of weeks a year living next door to each other?

    While it took nearly 80 years for Edison's vision to build up some steam, today there are numerous companies trying to harness the sun's energy.  And Indium Corporation is working with many of them.

    Our line of solar products includes SunTab(TM) PV Tabbing RibbonLiquid Tabbing Fluxes, Copper/Indium/Gallium targets and Evaporation Materials for depositing active layers on CIGS cells and Low Temperature Metallization Paste for thin film cells.

    When I shared this quote with my solar colleague, Jim Hisert (read his blog) he said, "Imagine Thomas Edison in 2012: charging his Smartphone with a portable thin-film solar panel, lying on the beach thinking of ways to increase conversion efficiency.  I'm sure he would need some custom materials for prototyping - I hope he would call me."

    Read Jim Hisert's blog or visit our solar web page for more information on these products.  Or contact Jim Hisert directly at and see if you think he is more like the guy who created this picture or the one pictured on his blog!