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Sophie Morvan's "Little Tikes" Tricycle is Likely Exempt from RoHS

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  • Folks,

    This weekend, my 18 month old grandaughter Sophie Morvan, visited my wife and I for a long weekend. My son, Jonathan, 27 years old, a Divinity Student at Gordon Conwell, assembled Sophie's Little Tikes tricycle. The toy has an electrical "speedometer" that spins when the bike is in use. In my opinion, this is a classical case of a RoHS exempt product. The electronics are not required for the main function of the toy (i.e. to be a tricycle.) I was reminded of this likely RoHS exemption from my last posting.

    And yes, my wife and I need a week's vacation to recover from Sophie's delightful visit......she wore us out!


    Dr. Ron