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Sputtering Targets, Powder or Cast?

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  • Metal sputtering targets like the pure indium, CIG, and Cu/Ga targets we produce at Indium Corporation can be made in many different ways. All of those processes fall into 2 main categories: powder metallurgy and casting. These various processes still exist due to their inherent advantages and limitations.

    Casting has several methods and intricacies, but, in general, it involves melting the target material and solidifying it in a form near the final shape of the target. Casting can yield very good results with pure metals, but may not be as well suited for sputtering targets made with alloys.

    Alternately, targets can be produced by powder metallurgy in many different ways. The powder can be bonded directly to a backing plate or tube, or it can be sintered into plates or sleeves that can be bonded to a backing material. Powder metallurgy processes help control homogeneity of alloy sputtering targets.

    Indium Corporation uses either casting or powder metallurgy processes to produce sputtering targets that fit our customer’s needs. We can help you decide which is best for your application, contact us at

    Authored by previous Indium Application Manager Jim Hisert