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Super Bowl Pointers ... for a B2B Trade Show???

  • Indium Corporation


    The USA Today ran an interesting article the other day titled, "SUPER DON'TS"

    Here it is in it's brief entirety:

    1) Don't run a retread.

    The game is the one place advertisers must show something new - not an ad that's gone through the wash cycle. On the Super Bowl, "Old ads are just that: old ads," says Jeff Goodby of Goodby Silverstein & Partners. "Even if they're only 2 weeks old."

    2) Don't advertise on the Super Bowl just to brag you did.

    If the message - and the brand - aren't relevant to Super Bowl viewers, the ad is a waste of money. "Marketers and agencies need to check their egos at the door," says Deutsch's Kathy Delaney.

    3) Don't try a hard sell.

    The reason for creating and airing most commercials - to sell something - is "almost taboo" in the Super Bowl setting, says Nina DiSesa of McCann-Erickson. The game is great for bolstering a brand's image, she says, but not to nail the sale.

    4) Don't be tasteless.

    Sure, provocative ads that show skin or bend to bathroom humor get media attention, but no advertiser or brand wants to be remembered "just because you did something sophomoric," Goodby says.

    5) Don't presume all viewers are guys.

    Male-targeted ads aren't the only way to go on the Super Bowl. "It isn't just men sitting around watching the game," says Linda Kaplan Thaler of the Kaplan Thaler Group. "It's a major national event that men, women and whole families watch together."

    As I read these pointers I thought of how they might apply to my upcoming major endeavor, exhibiting at the largest trade show we do in North America, APEX.

    Here are my thoughts:
    1) RETREAD: applies
    2) HAVE A TRUE PURPOSE: agree
    3) NO HARD SELL: agree
    4) DON'T BE TASTELESS: agree

    Once again I am reminded that, while we do work in a B2B environment, PEOPLE are PEOPLE. There is a strong element of basic human dignity and respect that must always be prevalent if any meaningful engagement is to occur.

    We at Indium have worked extremely hard as we approached this APEX to be sure that we are doing what the customers need, not what WE want to do. After all, this is OUR Super Bowl! (Don't expect any wardrobe failures in our exhibit.)

    Good luck to everyone in Detroit tomorrow, and to all who are involved with APEX.