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The World is Flat

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  • Folks,

    I just finished reading (actually listening to) Thomas Friedman's The World is Flat. This provacative book is a must read for those that are interested in how the "world economy" is playing out.

    Friedman's premise is that with the internet and inexpensive computing power, it is difficult to hold a competitive advantage in "information" type jobs because of your physical location. However, his conclusions were not all "gloom and doom," if we all work hard to be the best. Being the best will be especially true in personal and national education.

    So Friedman agrees with my premise that it can't be bad that almost 2 billion Chinese and Indian people who used to be poor are now climbing into the middle class. It's got to be good that all of these people want a cell phone, a car and good food. But for those that don't constantly improve themselves and stay competitive, getting a good job in this new world economy will be a challenge.

    So we must all have learning as a lifetime goal!


    Dr. Ron