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    Starting to be recognizable.

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    Isn't something missing?

    The day or two before a trade show can be a time of excitement, stress, fun, or even agony. It all depends on preparation, experience, and luck. As B2B Marcom practitioners we are responsible for results, so we need to be sure this part of the process goes as expected - and smoothly.

    Our team makes careful notes of exactly what is planned, contracted, for and is supposed to happen. Not only are we present at set-ups, we even have our installation contractor there. One of the biggest issues we have is the time between planning and execution. The lag can cause us to get a bit fuzzy on the details (made months prior). That's why we rely on our notes.

    I am in Shenzhen, China right now, setting up for Nepcon South China - one of the largest exhibtions we do all year. When I got there I was surprised to see that we had started installing backlit posters instead of video screens in our main graphic area. It had been so long since we had made the decision that I simply forgot. Checking our plans, and consulting with my teammates cleared things up. Within seconds of mentioning my confusion, my onsite contractor puilled out our plans and order and we quickly understood that all was well. If you are like me, and you get your detailed planning completed months in advance - consider a refresher meeting a week or so before the show starts.

    A side note regarding trade show set-up: B2B Marcommers get to see the show floor as things are being built, and we get to meet an interesting group of people during this time. I have many friends who I only see at trade show set-ups. We live in a world of forklifts, sawdust, raucous noises, and rolling carpets. It's always a fun time to meet, catch up, and compare notes. The time is short, and we're all very busy - but I treasure these friendships and times together.