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When the Bargain Bin is Not What You Bargained For

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  • Ive learned this lesson time and time again that a lower price does not make for a better deal. ҂I learned this lesson yet again as I bought my cedar summer Adirondack chairs at the grocery store at what seemed at the time to be an unbeatable price. When I got these home and saw their made in China label I should have known then that these were not all I had bargained for. ԂCedar doesnt even grow in China.  Does it?


    This lesson should go without saying, but it applies to products of all types.  That is, it also encompasses solders and their fluxes.



     Jim Hisert recently posted this image of his dad with some OLD flux in his July blog posting titled, Juxtaposition.Ӕ  This got me thinking because just the other day I was shopping at my local home store and saw the rack of fluxes and solders made for soldering home water pipes.  A jar of flux was in the $10 price range. 



    Coming from the industry of electronic-grade solders, this at first seems like the bargain of a lifetime.  When investigated further however, it is quickly realized what technology went into making this versus the attentiveness we put into our materials and it is apparent that this bargain is not a bargain at all outside the old pipe soldering industry.  There is no comparison