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Wii Want WOM

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  • "Initially discounted by game-industry watchers as graphically underpowered compared with the Sony PlayStation 3 and  ­Microsoft Xbox 360, the Nintendo Wii has wiped the sales floor with its competitors. In February 2007, 335,000 Wiis were sold in the U.S., versus 228,000 Xbox 360s and 127,000 PS3s. Behind the Wii's success is its unique controller: simple and wireless, it responds to your movements in a natural manner, turning into a baseball bat, a sword, or a hand, as necessary. It is, in a word, fun."

    My first experience with the Nintendo Wii was when I saw their tres cool ads on TV. Initially I was intrigued by the story line (the Japanese Wii men-in-black travelling across America, wanting to play). But the bowing logo that appears at the end of each ad really blew me away. This personification of the logo is a stroke of genius as it masterfully ties the Wii men tightly to their design. After seeing the "bowing logo" once, a person can never see the live Wii men the same again – and vice versa.

    So, getting to the point, when the Wii first came out, the ads and the news buzz pushed its fame.

    My second experience with Wii was when a colleague brought one to an INDIUM executive retreat. After dinner he broke it out and we were totally consummed. We ended up playing it until late into the night. It was captivating.

    Suddenly, Nintendo ran out of stock – and there were no more to be had. The ads stopped, but the buzz lived on. Why? Because everyone who had ever played Wii was talking about their awesome experience.

    My third experience was listening to people buzz about their experience – WORD OF MOUTH. I, too, talked the game up at every chance – because it is so unique and cool.

    Now that Wii are back on the shelves, it is as if the promotional activity never stopped. The WOM buzz allowed Nintendo to temporarily go quiet, then to resume their promotions when the product was available, all while the consumer energy raged on.

    My NEXT experience with Wii will be when I purchase one for the family.

    I believe that WORD OF MOUTH should be a critical component of every promotional campaign. I know that you can't simply go out and get some, you have to earn it by being buzz-worthy. Even in B2B Marcom, we need to set out with the goal of being truly buzz-worthy so that we can garner that powerful WOM energy. Without it we will fall into the realm of mediocrity.

    Wii want WOM!