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WOM: China Style

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  • I am fortunate to be able to speak at social media events, and to attend others. For examples, I recently presented at the ISBM's annual meeting in Tampa, Florida, and I am attending the WOMMA event in New Orleans in a couple of weeks.

    There is an upcoming event that I really would have loved to attend - an event that I recommend you consider. (I can't go because I have plans to be totally relaxed on a sunny beach with my wife that week.) The event is China's First Internet Word of Mouth Roundtable.

    According to their website, "Sam Flemming, CEO of CIC, will present a roundtable of savvy and passionate IWOMexperts real case studies from CIC's database of millions of IWOM conversations from blogs and BBS. These China-specific cases will challenge roundtable participants, who will be speaking from experience, not from theories. The conversations will be candid, possibly heated, definitely informed, and all off-the-record. "

    Scheduled to participate are:
    " Tony Lo, Web Marketing Manager, Intel (Brand) 
    " Liana Chang, Planner, Wieden + Kennedy (Advertising)
    " Gary Wang, CEO/Founder, Tudou (Video Sharing) 
    " Martin Alintuck, Managing Director, Edelman China (PR)
    " Daisy Zhang, Client Service Director, CIC (Research and Consulting) 
    " Chris Pan, Change Agent, CPU (Marketing)
    " Annabella Yang, VP Asia Pacific, China Interactive, (Digital Marketing)

    I would DEFINITELY be there were it not for my conflict. The opportunity to learn and network is simply too great to miss. Additionally, Sam Flemming really knows what he is doing. He is plugged in, active, and breaking new ground all the time.

    So, check it out if you can. And do let me know what I missed. I'll be seeing Sam a couple of weeks after the event, so I do hope to download a bit of what transpired.