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Dare to Repair!

  • 2019 College Interns
  • Trash is a huge problem in the US and we are the cause of it all! Many people have adopted the mentality of buying new products when the current one breaks or isn’t working optimally. If this doesn’t scream wasteful to you, I’m not sure what will. As an engineer, and a thrifty college student, I prefer to save or repair anything that I can, if it will save me a buck.

    What does this have to do with Indium Corporation you may be asking yourself? That’s a very good question. If big manufacturing companies like Indium Corporation had to buy a new machine every time one stopped working, it could mean the difference between being a profitable company and an unprofitable company. Obviously, that means they have to invest in people who will be able to fix those expensive machines and keep them running. That’s why Indium Corporation hires so many engineers. But how does that affect you?

    So much money is wasted or lost when upgrading to a new product instead of fixing the old one. Many people don’t realize what awesome resources we have access to for help. YouTube has so many videos that show detailed solutions to problems that many people have already learned how to fix. If you truly think about it, what’s the worst that could happen - the item can't be fixed and you still end up throwing it out. On the other hand, you may be able to fix the product and it gets a longer working  life, doesn’t end up in a landfill, and you save some money.

    Saving money is the best! So, why not just give it a try by looking at broken products with a new light! I personally like to work on my car and have replaced all the brakes and both rear shocks. If I had all this done at a repair shop, it likely would have costed me upwards of $1,000 for all of it. By doing it by myself, I saved about $600, which is huge. It doesn’t have to be your car, which might feel overwhelming, so start small. Next time your fan breaks down, try taking it apart to see if you can save some money and the environment all at the same time!

    Thanks for your time, Kyle Hochbrueckner.