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The Inspiration Behind My Career In Chemical Engineering

  • 2016 College Interns
  • As children we all have ideas about what we want to be when we grow up. For some, those dreams are achievable, but for others those dreams are a little far fetched. Most children change their minds many times before finally figuring out what they want to do for the rest of their lives. But, some know their destiny from a very young age.

    I had no idea what I planned to do with my life. At one point I wanted to be a doctor that delivered babies but decided against it when I realized I passed out at the sight of blood. I then wanted to be a marine biololgist but decided against that when I realized that I was not a fan of the open water. I finally decided, after much consideration, that I wanted to be a chemical engineer.

    Before my junior year of high school I didn't even know what a chemical engineer did. I knew I wanted to work in a science-related field, but I never considered engineering until I had a conversation with my uncle.

    I knew little about my uncle, because he lived in California and I lived in New York. I only saw him once every five or six years. It was around that time that I learned that my uncle was a chemical engineer. When we talked he shared stories of when he used to work and what he did for most of his life.

    My Uncle Samir left his family in Cairo, Egypt and came to America when he was only a teenager. He got his Ph.D in chemical engineering from the University at Buffalo and built a very successful life for himself.

    I found it extremely exciting when I learned that he worked for DuPont and was on the team that developed stain resistant carpeting. Stain resistant carpeting is something that is in all of our lives, but no one even thinks about it. After hearing this, I too wanted to do something that would benefit society. So, I decided to follow in his footsteps and study chemical engineering.

    My uncle always knew how intelligent I was and he knew what I was capable of long before I knew.  He was my inspiration when I chose chemical engineering and I still aspire to be like him. I can't imagine what it was like moving to a new continent. I was scared to just move three hours away. But, I know that the most successful people are the ones who take chances in life. So, I will continue to take as many chances as I can and see where life takes me. Just like my uncle.

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