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The Daily Description of an Indium Corporation Procurement Employee

  • 2017 College Interns
  • Having a lot of tasks to complete isn’t the hard part, it’s finding time during the day to complete them. Being in a department that plays a large role in other departments and their day to day work, we frequently leave our desks to help co-workers. Whether it’s stepping away for a meeting that we were invited to an hour or less before it started, or to visit with supplier quality to review an issue, we are always needed. Even phone calls and instant messages can interject with the task that we were working on at the time. Saying that, we continue to be helpful and willing to devote our time to assist others. Our department almost acts as customer service, having to work ordeals out with external vendors while communicating within the enterprise to fellow employees.

    I wouldn’t say that this scenario is for everyone. It’s for people with proficient management and organizational skills. This internship experience has helped me balance my time and become more aware of my daily tasks. Being that there’s always something for us to do or somewhere for us to be, our days seem to go by a little quicker.