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"The Indium Way" Holds True After Just One Week As An Intern

  • 2022 College Interns
  • Orientation began at 8am on my first day as an intern at Indium Corporation. The first thing I remember hearing about was The Indium Way. While I enjoyed learning about The Indium Way and the values behind it, I didn’t think much about it throughout orientation. After all, aren’t all companies expected to engage in corporate social responsibility?

    As I write this, I have been at Indium Corporation for less than one week and can already attest that The Indium Way is more than just a mandated section on the company's website. It is what sets Indium Corporation apart from its competitors, and that is clear from day one. 

    The employees at Indium Corporation do not take respect lightly! When I first accepted this internship, I got some “have fun getting everyone’s coffee” comments. I knew these people were wrong, and that this would be a serious, impactful internship, and my expectations have been far exceeded already. Every single employee at HQ has shown me the same amount of respect you would give to your boss. I’ve been treated as an equal despite the fact that I first came through Indium Corporation’s doors just last week.

    It did not take long to feel appreciated by my coworkers. I was enthusiastically welcomed to the team right away! It is clear that the employees at HQ are excited that we are here and greatly value Indium Corporation’s Internship Program. I pass by a new person every day and they greet me as if they’ve known me for months. There isn’t a person who does not smile and say "hello", "good morning", or ask how I am doing. It’s first nature to be kind at Indium Corporation, and that feeling is definitely contagious. 

    I already feel that I am making an impact on Indium Corporation. While outsiders do not witness what goes into internal communications, Indium Corporation celebrates achievements, big and small. My coworkers show pride in my achievements each day. So far, I have completed new-hire announcements for all 18 summer interns. This is just one way that Indium Corporation has already shown the interns how much they are appreciated. This summer, I will help create surveys in a lot of different areas regarding employees and their satisfaction with internal communications. By doing this, I will be able to uncover internal strengths and weaknesses and make recommendations for improved outreach. This will provide me with the opportunity to leave a very impactful mark on Indium Corporation. 

    Here’s to the next 10 weeks!

    Caitlin Miller