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Working Together

  • 2017 College Interns
  • In my short time working in an office I have realized how important it is to have good relationships with my co-workers. Often times, one little task involves having to talk to 3 or 4 different departments.  Good relationships will make this process quick and easy; people will want to help, and things get done as quickly as possible. If people don’t work well together, they will often find themselves annoyed, which can slow the process down. People you get along with will also be much more willing to do favors for you. Being uncomfortable with someone will leave you reluctant to ask for help, and this individual could be the one that can really speed the process up, or think of a great idea.

    Bees are some of the greatest team players out there. Each individual bee has a specific job to do, or the hive will die. The worker bees have several different jobs that they can be “assigned” to do. The foragers go out every day to collect pollen and make honey for the hive. To communicate with each other to find pollen to collect, bees do a little dance to tell them the exact location to go to. Bees like to keep their hive very clean and free of other critters trying to make a home in their hive. Because of this, the sole purpose of a group of bees is to maintain cleanliness. These bees also help remove their deceased coworkers from the hive.

    Since the queen just lays the eggs and doesn’t have time to care for the larvae, there’s a group that goes out and feeds, and cares for the young. Since the bees need a place for all of this to happen, the workers spend all their time producing beeswax to create the hive and comb. In the comb is all the larvae, and honey that they eat and store for the winter.  Since the bees now have this fine home, they need an elite team of guard bees to protect them from danger, and mistakenly attack beekeepers like myself.  If the bees don’t complete their duty, the queen will be unhappy and the hive will fail.

    So help your coworkers to give your company the best chance to be successful. 

    Bees are awesome,