Indium Corporation has announced their new sales structure in France. To support the needs of the market and provide solutions to their soldering and assembly applications, Chimietech Services (CTS) will continue to support Indium Corporation's full range of printed circuit board assembly materials, such as solder paste, solder preforms, fluxes, and underfills. Complementing these services will be Accelonix, who will be responsible for selling Indium Corporation's extensive line of semiconductor packaging assembly materials, engineered solders, and materials for wafer and chip bumping, as well as solder pastes, fluxes, cored wire, and underfills for non-PCB assembly. According to Brian Craig, Managing Director of Indium Corporation's European Operations, "The business opportunities for us in France are great. The French market respects reliability and service, and Indium Corporation, with the help of our Sales Channel Partners Accelonix and CTS, is well positioned to meet their demands." CTS is located in France and has been distributing equipment and products for the printed circuit board industry since 1988. In 1998 they expanded their product line to include products for the microelectronics industry. Accelonix Group is also located in France and has been introducing, selling, and supporting products in the French electronics market since 1984. Indium Corporation is a four-time Frost & Sullivan Award-winning supplier of electronics assembly and semiconductor packaging materials, including solder pastes, solder preforms, fluxes, Pb-Free solder alloys, underfill materials, die-attach materials, and more. The company is also the world's premiere supplier of commercial grade and high-purity indium. Factories are located in the USA, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and China. Founded in 1934, the company is ISO 9001 registered. For more information about CTS, visit and for Accelonix visit For more information about Indium Corporation visit or email