Indium Corporation's Chicago Materials Division recently passed its ISO-9001:2000 certification audit. Indium's newest facility joins the company's US, English, Chinese, and Singapore operations in achieving ISO-9001:2000 certification. ISO-9000 focuses primarily on quality management. Certification means that Indium's Chicago facility has processes, procedures, and standards in place to enhance customer satisfaction by meeting or surpassing quality goals. It also means that the company continues to improve its performance by developing and implementing continuous improvement programs to ensure future performance objectives are met. A team of individuals from throughout Indium Corporation performed training, set up procedures, and executed internal ISO audits in preparation for the independent audit, which was conducted by outside auditors. According to Bill Jackson, Director of Quality for Indium Corporation, "The Chicago-based team worked diligently on this project. They completed the certification process ahead of our planned schedule. I am very pleased with how quickly the Chicago facility has embraced our successful quality systems, which are used globally throughout all of Indium's plants." Indium's Chicago facility manufactures wave solder fluxes, flux-cored wire, and solder bar for Indium's global electronics assembly market. ISO (International Standards Organization), a non-governmental organization, is the world's largest developer of standards. ISO certification provides assurances about the quality, safety and reliability of the transportation, machinery and tools used by businesses and consumers. ISO certification is a voluntary process and the standards are developed in response to market demand on a worldwide basis. Indium Corporation is a premiere materials supplier to the global electronics assembly, semiconductor fabrication and packaging, solar photovoltaic, and thermal management markets. Founded in 1934, the company offers a broad range of products, services, and technical support focused on advanced materials science. With facilities in the PRC, Singapore, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and the USA, the company is a four-time Frost & Sullivan Award winner and registered to ISO-9001. For more information about Indium Corporation visit or email