Indium Corporation’s Tim Jensen, Product Manager – PCB assembly materials; Dr. Yan Liu, Research Chemist; and Sehar Samiappan, Area Technical Manager for North Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam, will present at the South East Asia Technical Conference on Electronics Assembly Technologies April 17-19, 2013 in Penang, Malaysia.

Jensen will give a presentation and a workshop.

  • Achieving High-Reliability, Low Cost Pb-Free Solder Joints via Mn Doping: This presentation examines the reliability of a low Ag SAC alloy doped with Mn (SACm) under JEDEC drop, dynamic bending, thermal cycling, and cyclic bending test conditions as compared to eutectic SnPb, SAC105, SAC305 alloys.
  • Pb-Free Soldering: Process and Material Optimization to Eliminate Defects and Improve Reliability: In this workshop, Jensen will discuss solder materials, components, and PCBs and will give insight to the important aspects of each to produce a high-reliability product that meets current and future legislative restrictions.

Dr. Liu’s presentation, Package-on-Package Technology – What It Is, What Works, What Doesn’t Work, covers package-on-package (PoP) technology. Topics will include trends, designs, material selection, processes, and reliability.

Sehar’s presentation, High Reliability High Melting Mixed Lead-Free BiAgX Solder Paste System, explains the research involved in identifying lead-free alternatives for high-melting, high lead-containing solder alloys. The presentation also discusses a novel high-melting, lead-free BiAgX® mixed solder paste system, and compares its performance to several representative high lead-containing solder alloys.

Jensen is an SMTA-certified process engineer and earned his bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Clarkson University. He has spent over 15 years working with customers to troubleshoot and optimize SMT process lines, and solving issues such as head-in-pillow, graping, and QFN voiding. Through his direct work on hundreds of SMT lines, he understands each customer’s unique requirements and readily shares his expertise by authoring technical papers, writing for technical publications, and participating actively in several IPC standards development committees.

Dr. Liu is a Research Chemist in Indium Corporation’s research and development department. Her current research emphasizes solder materials for high-end 3D packaging. Dr. Liu joined Indium Corporation in 2001. She earned her bachelor’s degree in polymer chemistry and a master’s degree in polymer physics from the University of Science and Technology of China, and a PhD in Polymer Chemistry from the University of Salford Manchester, United Kingdom. She has authored numerous technical papers written for technical publications, and has presented internationally.

Sehar provides field technical support to Indium Corporation’s customers. He conducts process evaluations, product trainings, designs of experiments (DOEs), and helps diagnose productivity issues in the factories. Sehar is an electrical engineer with over 18 years of experience, mainly in the area of process, failure analysis, and production. He is an SMTA-certified process engineer and has earned his Six Sigma Green Belt.

The South East Asia Technical Conference on Electronics Assembly is a highly technical three-day event that is focused on the industry’s most important and timely issues. Sessions topics include: supply chain, solder printing, alternate alloys, BTC assembly and repair, counterfeit components, cleaning, new material reliability, and advanced packaging. For more information, visit

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